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A Reflection

school-lettersThe crisp feel of fall is in the air. It nips just enough that a light jacket or sweater is needed as the sun abandons the blue sky on the horizon. Cool evenings prompt the change from green to brown or burning crimson and the carroty orange that are seen swaying in the trees. Tourist come on trips to the Cape to view the leaves before they drop from the vegetation and become mulch for next year’s floras.

What does fall mean to you? I remember getting dressed up in my best slacks and jacket to go to our high school football game. Go Red Raiders! Our team seldom won, but the game provided a social gathering with our peers. Cheerleaders dressed in white letter sweaters with a large red “B” in the middle and short red skirts kept the fans in the game with loud raves: Go, Win, Fight! Regardless if the Red Raiders were four touchdowns behind.

Our band consisted of twenty-six musicians. A student really wanted to play an instrument to put up with the teasing they were pelted with in the halls.

After the game everyone cruised main or met at an ice cream parlor in Centerville, The Four Seas. Girls flirted and boys leaned against their cars laughing and showing how cool they were. Our generation really had the coolest cars. Most guys had cars at least ten years old. My boyfriend had a ’53 Merc. In the winter the heater didn’t work and in the summer it came on and wouldn’t turn off. Funny how something so silly can make a great memory.

Those were the days before cell phones, drama and drugs. The only thing being passed in school hallways were notes, which teachers confiscated if they saw them. We respected our teachers. They didn’t want to be our friends. They had a role in forming us as adults. Our principal, Mr. Connors, couldn’t have been more than 5’5”, but he had the respect of even the largest student. He didn’t have to demand respect. It came with the title “adult.”

How do we establish a learning environment for our kids? We can’t turn back the clock, nor should we, we do need to think about reviewing curriculum so American school don’t fall behind other nations. Ways must be established so students are safe. It’s so easy to list things that need to change and so hard to list how those changes are to occur. Adults can’t refuse to fund measures to provide quality education for our children and expect to graduate students that can compete with surrounding states that have made education a priority.

Christmas is upon us. How much will you spend? That would have bought a computer for a high school lab. Just saying.


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