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Writing for me does not flow as a gentle wind. It’s more like a fierce storm than rages and then calms leaving this sailor adrift for days at a time. As you may know there are many suggestions from other writers on how write and how to get organized.

To bolster my writing I bought a book on POV (Point of View), character traits, two on master plots, and… you get the picture. One common theme in them is to know your leading characters. Know everything about them. Do they play well with others? Does he or she drink or swear too much? Know them as if they were part of your family. There’s so much more information in the books from well-known authors with beautiful covers that sit on my book shelf unread. I wish I had the time to read all of them and digest their contents, but I’m writing.

If you have ever attended a workshop or writer’s convention, you’ve heard about using note cards to plot out each character and scene. This seemed a logical way to keep from reaching the magical middle of a book and run out of ideas on which way to proceed to the crescendo. With my Staples rewards (no, I don’t get a kick back) I bought some 3×5 cards and a Dry Ease message board with magnets and started plotting my story. Within the first 100 pages of writing I was moving the cards all around until they no longer reflected anything I had written, but I’m writing.

I’m not complaining, after all both my fictional novels have won awards. I just wish something in my life would just be easy. You know like eating a box of chocolates.


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