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Book number three is done and looking for a home. You’d think I could relax and enjoy the summer without the need to be at the computer writing. You’d think so, but book four and five stepped and are both running through my brain. Characters, plot lines, dialogue; you get the picture. Each is from a different period. She Who Speaks to the Wind is 1890s and The Judas Steer is contemporarily.

I love the research process. Sometimes I get so caught up reading, that the writing takes second place. Not only do I get material for a book, but I learn more about the places I have been or want to see.

For She Who Speaks to the Wind I bought the autobiography of the first white women in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I only got two chapters in the book and had to put it down. She was such a racist; I lost all respect for her and couldn’t continue to read her story. What a disappointment.

We always get a better perspective of the region and their history through articles written during the period. Rewriting our history serves no one. Warts and all, we are the great nation we became because of the people that came before us.

We’re still a work in progress. Greatness is nurtured and becomes lost when it is taken for granted.


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