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Shades of Gray

I’ve spent the last two weeks reading, reading, and reading some more. Even in a genre’ that some people would find limited, Westerns, there are many different styles and voices.

Some follow the traditional style of such greats as Louis L’amour and his stories of the early days of the rugged frontier. I would place Johnny Boggs in this category. His action is non-stop and forces you to keep reading until the book is done. Breathless would describe the ride.

Others have chosen a path of storytelling quite like Jack Schaefer in Shane. His tale gets in your head. Why would he do that? What does she want from him? One writer I might mention is a new author, D. B. Jackson. He’s already won honors that others have chased for decades.

Dusty Richards provides shades of both in his novels and short stories.

Westerns are making a comeback. Do readers want to see black and white characters? Or has the genre’ changed to allow “gray.”


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