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My high school reunion will be taking place probably in September and I’m already excited. No, you don’t need to know what year this will be, didn’t your mother tell you not to ask a lady her age? The same rule applies to “what year did you graduate from school?”

What I really find funny is no matter how old we are I still refer to my classmates as “kids”. Why is that? “The kids I went to school with.” Doesn’t that sound right? It does to me. I don’t care if their hair is grey or even completely gone. And don’t hug me. I can keep my waistline camouflaged with the right clothes so don’t hug me and ruin the illusion. If you plan on making contact, please let me know in advance so I can wear my Spanks.

I don’t care if you made or lost a million bucks. Just laugh. That’s all I want. To remember the fun we had and laugh.


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