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As the election date nears the country seems to be drifting farther and farther apart. Ultra-right and left organizations have stolen the spotlight from the typical voter. Extremism grabs the camera and microphone while the majority of voters choose to make their voices heard at the ballot box.


This is nothing new. Voters were torn when Jack Kennedy, a Catholic, ran for the nation’s highest office. His distractors warned the public that the Pope would be running America. Sounds simple-minded to us today, but during the 1960’s that was a concern. Nelson Rockefeller, a moderate Republican, couldn’t secure his party’s nomination partly because he was divorced (remember Newt Gingrich). Divorce was unacceptable for running for the office of President in 1960, 1964, 1968. He became President Gerald Ford’s selection to be his Vice President after the resignation of Richard Nixon.


During the elections of the Vietnam War period, the streets were full of protestors. The Democratic Convention held in Chicago became violent. The Black Panthers and the Weathermen’s activities concerned the normal middle-class citizen. Turmoil and violence walked city streets. Evidently the times changed and the splinter and under-funded groups disbanded.


In the political arena of 2012 the dissentients are organized and their pockets are full of donated money. Misinformation is daily fed to the public from all the means at hand. Once again the normal middle-class voter, what is left of us, is concerned and must make a choice from the candidates based on what we hope is the truth.


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