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It’s unofficially spring in Oklahoma. The first sign is all the white legs that have been hiding under jeans for months come out to experience their first rays of sun. Mine will still have to rely on tan in a can.


Halter tops and sundresses made their way to church yesterday. It was 91°F and sunny. Some of the ladies most certainly were praying that their strapless tops did not bow to the Lord in the physical sense.


The kind of weather that adrenalizes the weekend fisherman to put his boat in and see what happens. The water’s high this year so the angler’s catch has left many a wide grin. I still like my fish rolled in corn meal and fried. To heck with baked to be healthy, we’re talking about fish. What’s better than crisp fried fish, hush puppies, and slaw? I really like it when the men want to do the cooking outside so my kitchen doesn’t get hot and smelly.


You know its spring when you stop craving chicken fried steak, the state’s official dish, with mashed potatoes and lots of gravy and your innards want barbeque (pork or beef) and homemade potato salad. End the meal with a nice piece of coconut or lemon meringue pie and a glass of cold ice tea.


Yep, it’s springtime in the south.


Here’s my favorite potato salad recipe a friend shared with me. Those are the best kind.


Mom’s   Potato Salad

Mix   together:

5-6   boiled potatoes, peeled, & cut into bite sized chunks

6   boiled eggs

½   cup chopped onion

3   T. dill relish

½   cup chopped celery



1   cup Miracle Whip

1/8   cup milk

Dash   of  regular mustard

1   T. sugar

Salt   and pepper to taste.

Mix   and refrigerate.



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