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I just sent my new novel Devoted to Antiquing to the publisher. It should be out this spring. Many chapters are based on historical figures, but the rest are family stories. What wonderful memories the chapters evoked.

My Greatuncle Leo died when I was very young. I have no memories of him. Leo’s wife, Margaret, was like a second grandmother. She gave the best hugs ever. City kids, we loved visiting the farm and getting cousin, Mary A., to give us a ride on the tractor.

They farmed the land Leo’s father claimed in the Oklahoma land rush of 1898. Great-granddad Phipps left this wife and oldest son, Emery, my grandfather, in Missouri while he made the run. Great-granddad carved a cave from the side of a hill and lived in it while he planted his first crop and built a home for his family. They are all buried in a small country cemetery near their land. Very appropriately, the cemetery is fenced to keep out grazing cattle.

Mom gave me the Phipps Bible along with a box of miscellaneous items when I started doing the family genealogy. There were lots of WWI era pictures and postcards.

There amongst the postcards was one that was very special. It was signed “I love you, Leo.” He and Margaret were courting, but not married during the war. Leo must have known that everyone that handled his postcard would have read it before it arrived at Margaret’s mail box. At time when men did not express their feelings, Leo did. Everyone in the county knew he loved Margaret. How wonderful.

When Aunt Margaret died she left her set of Rogers silverware to my Mom. Mom gave it to me. I only use it on very special occasions. Sometimes I open the case and touch a piece because it makes me feel like I have reconnected to my beloved Aunt Margaret.


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